Tuesday, June 24

A place for fun frolic

Its been really a while i made a post!!, was busy with my academic schedule. Anyways if i ask anyone of you what is the first thing which comes to your mind when i ask about your college life?? I am sure many people agree with the answer: the fun u had in the college life , the times u hangout with friends, playing pranks with them.etc. If i ask what place in campus comes first to your mind, different people may have different answers. But majority of the people will agree upon "the campus canteen or restaurant " what ever u call it.

Yes my friends, the most precious moments of our college life, or in fact most fun filled or sad moments of our college life are spent in that canteens. Be it sipping chai or coffee , playing pranks with friends, showing one's superiority by teasing others(hard at times!), talking about girls, cursing lecturers, planning to bunk classes, n going out for movies, what not , anything and everything in the world is discussed here.From a stupid silly issue to an amazing and excellent ideas are originated in this very place itself. Its really a place to relax and ease out our tensions(academic or personal), share lighter moments with our dear friends.

This place brings out the creative talents of each one in an attempt to please and make friends happy. All the affairs going on in the campus, all the pretty girls are the hot topics usually in this place. The silly stupid things are discussed for hours n hours and also on the contrary, the terrific ideas which help us to make a mark in our own fields of study takes birth here. The fun we have in this place may not be experienced never ever again in our lives. Thats why we remember all those moments for our life time.

As the bitter truth that the time has finally come for me to leave the portals of the campus, which marks the end of my student life, my mind is filled with many emotions. Really i am gonna miss all this fun... I can(no one can!) never forget these days of my life, and these memories are cherished for ever .

Really the student life is the most enjoyable, purposeful phase in our lives and the campus canteen is the place for fun and frolic...

Friday, May 9

What will you do?

Just yesterday i was watching a Telugu movie called CHAKRAM(not a new movie, may be 2-3 years old). In the movie Hero comes to know that he has blood cancer just minutes before his marriage!! Being a doctor himself he realizes he has not more than two months left in his life. I am not going to tell the whole story now, thats not my interest here. But what he does in those two months caught my attention.

Little bit of background: In the Flashback, he is a very good,famous doctor in US,and he wants to come back to India and start a super specialty hospital in India for all the poor and needy , everything free of cost. With the help and commitment from some of his colleagues(friends) he comes back to India and proposes the plan to his parents, and to his and everyone's delight they agree and appreciate his plan, and ready to invest in the project! then the marriage scene.....

Having a great ideals of serving the poor, he decides to do something in the two months he has got(because he wont be there when the hospital turns out to be a reality!). He decides that He wants to make people happy , and see a smile in their faces! This is an important dialog he has:
Compared to the problem of dying , all the small, petty problems people have in their lives are very very small. I wanted to start a hospital and serve the poor and see them happy, but now i don't have that much time. So i decided to solve the small problems of these people and make them happy.
He will be solving the problems of people (from kids to elders) n make them happy. What impressed me more was ,the small time he is left with , he wanted to spend time helping others,and wanted to be of some help to others!!

Imagine yourself, rather put yourself in that hero's position.
You know that you have only about 2 months left of your precious life, what will you do in those two months?
  • Will you think of helping others like the hero ?
  • will you just say, man i have only 2 months, let me enjoy the full time all to myself?
  • will you keep grieving over the little time you are left with?
  • will you keep cursing the god for being so unfair to you?

Thursday, April 24

My love.. I shall live no longer...

This is the first ever poem written by me. Hope you like it.

My Love... I shall live no longer...

If not for
the sparkle in your eyes
the magic in your look
the freshness of your breath
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the beautiful smile of yours
the sweetness of your words
the innocence in your face
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the warmth in your skin
the tenderness in your touch
the honesty in your acts
my love, I shall live no longer

If not for
the compassion you show to me
the joy you bring to me everyday
the completeness you bring to my life
my love, I shall live no longer

-- Rajesh Batta --

Wednesday, April 16

A Rare sight indeed!

Those of you who have seen peacocks will agree with me when i say : peacocks are perfect blend of beauty n grace, such a pleasant sight to the eyes! no wonder, anyone who sees it will immediately fall in love with it .. such is its beauty and splendor..

I am very fortunate to be getting a glimpse, not only glimpse but a full close view of that beauty almost everyday in my University : Hyderabad Central University .Usually we see peacocks which are rich in green,violet,golden colors.
The following picture(first one) is taken in our university(thanks to my friend Jai Kumar for this photo).

But a pure white peacock is equally a delight to eyes, with its simple innocent pure delicate white color.

I never knew that white peacocks existed.. only recently (an year back!!)i had a chance of seeing them in Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad.

Tuesday, April 1

All about Blog

This blog is going to be a reflection of inner me! I am going to put down my thoughts and experiences on various things, such as things which inspired me, things which gave so much joy to me, things which made me laugh, things which left me sour memories ,things which amazed me,my hobbies etc.. the motto behind starting this blog is with a feeling that what ever things which inspired me and made me learn many things in life may be helpful to others!!

I will be very glad to receive any comments, suggestions(positive or negative) from you.