Saturday, September 26

Passion is the driving force in life

When life doesn't offer what we want in life, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna just obey and lead a life as it takes? or mold it in a way we want it ? How many of us just say that " this is all i have got in life and nothing can be changed " and live a compromised life? Not many i guess right?!! because life is such a precious thing given by god and it will be a shame if we just waste life without achieving something and lead it without enjoying it!

Then what is main factor which really provides us hope and helps in achieving what we want in life. Yes, its the Passion a person has in him/her which is the driving force in achieving what we want in life. By Passion i mean: Zeal , enthusiasm. Passion is the one which ignites fire in person. Its the fuel which drives them forward in life. It makes anyone achieve what they want in life and it surpasses pain they experience in the process. Without passion we don't live the life, rather we just exist ! passion adds Spice to the life.
With passion comes meaning to life, with passion comes hope, with passion comes determination, with passion comes pain, with passion comes success, with passion comes satisfaction.

Some people will be lucky to have their passion as their career. But not everyone is lucky enough!! But that doesn’t stop them in achieving what they want in life. Its only possible because of their passion. Passion has such a magical power , it makes the impossible a possibility. It brings the non-existing into existence.

Different people are passionate about different things. To say few examples:
The goddess of compassion Mother Teresa is the best example of people who has Passion to help others, and passion to serve the poor and needy. The king of search engine Google is the result of few passionate engineers. Lord of the Rings, Troy, Gladiator etc. are few examples of a passionate movie Technicians. The 7 wonders of the world are the result of the Passionate people.

In essence, Passion is the driving force in life. Realize your Passion in life and march ahead.