Thursday, November 4

Wish you all a very happy Deewali

Deewali, a festival of lamps which is one of the major festivals in India, in Hinduism. Deewali signifies the triumph of good over evil. It also signifies shedding of darkness and spreading light. Spiritually it means awareness of inner light, inner light which can oust the darkness inside us.

Its been quite long since i have posted something on this blog. May be because i was too much occupied with work!, or because of my laziness! or wat ever was the reason. Today, on this Deewali day, i wanna burst/crack that obstruction and continue writing posts regularly.

On this Deewali, I am gonna ignite the light of my future, burning the oil of laziness contained in lamp of my life.

Wishing u all a very happy bright n crackling Deewali..