Wednesday, March 16

A Gazillion things about me

Knowing oneself is an art, its not so easy to know thyself. Knowing your own-self helps you in many ways. It helps you in identifying your positives, negatives, strengths, weaknesses etc. Once you can identify all these, you can work on improving yourself by converting your weaknesses to strengths and negatives to your positives! Of course, it involves lot of dedication, determination . But first step for all this is to get to know yourself. So here I am making that first step.

What's your name→ Rajesh
Nicknames→ Batta
Height → 5'8”
Zodiac sign → Aries
Fantasy → want 2 be able t2 fly 2 anywhere like a hawk
Hair color → Black
Eye color → Black
Ever been in love? Yes
Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes,there can never be an upperbound on crush list.
Piercings → No
Tattoos → Love them, keeps getting temporary ones
Righty or lefty → Righty
Eating → hmm.. not a food lover
Drinking → tried, but didnt like the smell n the taste.. so decided against it..
I'm about to → Get up and go to pee
I get attracted 2 gals easily r do they....!

I am

I am a converted a vegetarian, have 2 c howlong i will remain
I am always interested to go to'places'.I am a traveler.
I am shy ,when it comes to talking to strangers
I am mean n stupid sometimes
I am never bitten by a dog till now.
I am an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar

I Like to

I like to get drenched in rain
I like eating ice cream when it rains
I like to look at the stars at night
I like my privacy

I wanna

I wanna learn swimming
I wanna sleep under the stars in a sea shore
I wanna have a real physique.lazy to work out, though i am not bad without!
I wanna Build ma dream house very soon
I wanna do sky-diving some day.
I wanna live life without any restrictions n boundaries like a free bird.

I Love

I Love photography
I Love to admire the beautiful creation of god → nature, people etc.
I love to cook, rather experiment!! :P
I love to watch Horror movies
I love chocolates

I hate

I hate getting up early
I hate it when people peep over when I am doing something.
i hate crying
I hate people who deceive and backbite

I don't

I don't trust strangers easily.
I don't wanna fall in love with anyone
I don't forgive easily.
I don't forget a favor


sport → cricket
colors → blue purple
letter → S
actor(Male) → Hollywood → - Tom Cruise
actor(Female) → Hollywood → - Drew barrymore, Jessica alba, big list i say..
actor(Male) → Indian → - Kamal Hasaan.
actor(Female) → Indian → - yeah.. again hav a big list here!
Past time → Sleeping
Cricketer → Sachin Tendulkar


First piercing → Never
First sport you joined → Cricket
First pet → don't like pets
First concert → Never
First crush → well.. i don't even know the name of her! : P
First Book → Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.


Last beverage → Lime Soda
Last phone call → Sumanth, 60 mins ago
Last text message→ Neha
Last song you listened to→ some kannada song
Last time you cried/almost cried → two years back
Last meal → Andhra meals

Do I believe in

Myself → Always,Yes
Miracles → Yes
Love at first sight → no, hmm.. may be..
Heaven → yes n No
Peace in this lifetime→ I WISH
Kissing on the first date? → maybe/yes,. depends on the situation
Angels → YES

Have I ever

Been cheated on? → Yes
Kissed someone & regretted it? → No.
Lost someone special? → Yes
Been depressed?→ Yes
Been drunk and threw up? → Na

Have you laughed until you cried → yes.
Met someone who changed you → yes,many of them, that reflects in me
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → No
Do you have any pets → No, i dont like pets.
Do you want to change your name → No
Do you Want to get married ? → confused
What did you do for your last birthday → fun/Treat with friends.. awesome day..
What time did you wake up today – 9:00, its weekend yaar..
What were you doing at midnight last night→ Sleeping, for a change!!
Name something you CANNOT wait for → Meeting my old best buddies
Last time you saw your father → A month back
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → Become less lazy!
Most visited webpage → Gmail, facebook,this blog
You will die Young→ Its not in my hands
You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with – yeah I will.
Careers in mind? → wanted 2 pursue so many things, but finally became a brahmi(software engineer)
Lips or eyes → Eyes, which can c lips
Hugs or kisses→ Hugs,which can lead 2 kisses
Shorter or taller → Taller
Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneously Romantic..
Sensitive or loud → Sensitive
Hook-up or relationship → relationship
Sex on first date → Na, there are better things todo.
Trouble maker or hesitant → Troublemaker
Kissed a stranger → Na...
Lost glasses/contacts → Nope
Broken someone's heart → Yes.
Had your own heart broken → No
Been arrested → No
Turned someone down → Yes
Cried when someone died → Yes
Cheated on a friend → Never, though have hurt
Felt Betrayed → yes
Felt happy after writing this → Yes, definitely.

Here I am.. could jot down many of it.. Wat say guys?!!

P.S → Would like to thank my friend Barath, for inspiring me to write this through his own post.