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Nandi Hills

Located  about 60 kms from central Bangalore city, Nandi Hills makes good half a day trip. It offers breath taking views, amazing adventures, and illustrates  reign of king Tippu and his heritage.  There are many stories about the origin of it's name and its history which you can find in Wikipedia.

There are many interesting things to see and do in Nandi Hills aka Nandi Betta. Below are list of things you get to experience when you visit this place, which  is why it is one of the top most sight seeing place in Bangalore.
Drive through Nandi Hills road
Drive through the road uphill

What to expect:

Rider’s delight:  Driving by bike/car through the deserted Bangalore roads in chill winter mornings to reach the Nandi hills is only one part of the delightment. Drive to reach the top of Nandi hill through the ghat road with sharp turns and steep ascent is an another experience, the awesome climate throughout makes this ride a memorable experience.

Nature lover's paradise - canopy of clouds in Nandi Hills
Enchanting sunrise : Nandi hills is famous for its scenic sunrise. Watching the fascinating view of  the sun with its golden orange splendor, rising up from lush green fields and  the canopy of trees , spreading light to the world is a sight which mesmerizes you and registers  in your heart for ever.

Heaven on earth: As you walk around the hill, admiring the beautiful sight of sun rise, the murky  clouds are not far behind in entertaining you.  As it’s about 1478m above sea level, clouds caressing you with its mist and cheering you up is  a routine here. If you are lucky enough, you can witness  heaven on earth - Kailash (Place where Lord shiva resides, as portrayed in  old Indian movies) here.  All this scenic, charming, enthralling experience makes this place a nature lover’s paradise.

Paraglider’s paradise: Due to its climate, and availability of plain fields around the hill makes this place an ideal destination for para gliding.
Cycler’s mighty: cycling lovers and people who feel they are tough, can definitely test their stamina by cycling up the  whole ascent to reach the hill top. Many cycling lovers climb up this hill and are seen in many  during the weekends.

Plain fields around Nandi Hills - ideal place for para gliding
Plain fields around the hill
Night camp and trekking: Some people usually go to the hill with their tents and spend the night there, which is enjoyable  if you are going as a group. But you will have to carry all the necessary things with you while you go and the entry to the top of the hill closes by 6PM.
 Adventure lovers usually trek up the hill , there is route for trekking at the back of the hill.

Children’s amusement: The Horticulture department developed a lovely garden for children to play games like the slides, swings, merry-go-round, etc. Also many benches are in place for the the elders to sit and relax while kids enjoy their time.

Temples: It has few temples on top dedicated to Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha , Hanuman, Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy.

Tippu’s drop:  The place where  prisoners were pushed to death during Tippu’s reign. A danger board is placed to indicate this now.
Tippu's drop in Nandi Hills
Tippu's Drop

Origin of Rivers: Nandi Hills is considered sacred as it is the source of rivers such as Palar, Arkavati, and Pennar, which joins with River Cauvery on their further course. Most of the sources have dried up though!   

It also has:
Tippu’s summer palace: Also  known as Tashk-e-Jannat (Heaven’s Envy),  a beautiful palace resembling the Srirangapatna‘s palace, of which only few remains left!

Amritha sarovar: It is a beautiful lake on top of the hill and is formed by the water-lets flowing from the hills. But it definitely needs better maintenance and care.

How to reach:

Amritha sarovar - origin of rivers on Nandhi Hills
Amritha Sarovar
As mentioned earlier, going by bike/car is better option, Bike’s are allowed to certain point on top of hill where entry tickets are issued. Whereas cars are allowed to go further up. BMTC bus service is also available from Majestic - Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS) up to the top of hill.

Things to carry:  

Carry sufficient snacks and water bottles as not many hotels available on top. There are few hotels around, but eat with caution.

Best time to visit:

Even though Nandi hills can be visited  anytime in the year , September to May is best time to visit and in the morning hours.
6AM to 6PM, timings are put in place to avoid any crime.

Note: A request to everyone, please don’t litter the place. This is beautiful place and can be enjoyed by everyone only when  each one of us do not spoil it by littering.

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